Empire Avenue: The Social Wolf of Wall Street

Social Wolf of Wall Street
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In recent years the outbreak of social media has created many opportunities to develop relationships and extend reach, but as with anything there is a downside that seems to suck the time right from under you.

Sitting on Facebook or Twitter for hours on end is not uncommon, and quite frankly I have been guilty of making those same scroll after scroll maneuvers myself… ultimately feeling slightly guilty over the wasteful amount of time that went to sneaking a peek into somebody else’s career, business, or personal thoughts.

But what if there was a way to generate power or gain network respect through that same activity without being an SMM Expert?

Welcome To Your Empire

Investing money is one way to accrue a return, but so is contributing your time and your relationships to the equation. That’s the mentality of a very unique Web 2.0 Portal that leverages your time spent browsing through social media, into a tangible and liquid asset pool.

Empire Avenue is an online sharing game meets Leonardo Di Caprio’s “Wolf of Wall Street” in real life; bringing together elements from stocks, investing, socializing, playing, exploring and developing an online net wealth of social sharing domination.

Investing In Yourself

The premise of the portal is entwined in activity; especially social media activity that is consistent and exploratory. Each player is allowed to connect their social accounts such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and many others. The platform then measures your standard daily activity and provides you with a network score as a baseline for your ‘net wealth.’

Each member accrues Eaves which are equated to dollars or units of wealth. The more active you are the more wealth you accrue and the more power and reputation you gain. By definition, you become a social media influencer on a global scale.

Investing In Others

From the principle of a good stock tip, players on a global scale have the ability to take their hard-earned Eaves and invest in other key players. The promise of continued social sharing and exploring is the baseline of a good investment, and EmpireAvenue provides charts and analytics similar to what you would find on CNBC’s Analyst Breakdown.

When you see a player that is actively tweeting, sharing, liking and G+’ing… well then you know like Apple you found a good stock. Invest, track, and monetize the time that others are spending online. As their sharing progresses, so does your net wealth.

Time Is Money

So you connected your accounts, developed a social influencer level of investment, and are finally ready to take charge of your online experience. This is where EmpireAvenue takes you to the next level and allows you to participate in both completing Missions as well as creating ones. Simply put, Missions are simple exploratory tasks developed by members of the community that allow you to learn, engage, and become more socially aware of the world that exists around you.

In many cases Missions bring to light amazing stories, products, and profiles that you would otherwise never find if it were not for EmpireAvenue’s genius platform that rewards a click, a view, and a share with the net wealth we all crave to grow.

Let There Be Sharing

For competitive and aspiring social media mavens, collecting Mission points or ‘Eaves’ brings the social sharing genre into a whole new passion for performance perspective. You can complete missions, invest in the creators, network directly, and learn about everything that other people are doing online.

Your time investment into being social is how you grow your network and influencer score, and that is ultimately how you can bring attention to your cause, hobby, business or personal interest.  From completing to creating, Missions are designed to be reward-based structures for engaging online; and the best part is that you are not pigeonholed into using any one network.

EmpireAvenue rewards sharing from a multitude of platforms, so you can explore how you want, when you want, and engage on the social media platform that feels most comfortable for you… we find that EmpireAvenue is a platform that was created for learning, education, and bringing together a global network of like-minded individuals who see the power in social media; and for that, we thank you!

So How Do I Use It For Me?

So now that we all understand the platform and how it works, let’s explore the opportunities created for an entrepreneur looking to expand their reach. The platform is designed to allow you to bring new attention to any portal, post or message that you want to promote. The value of EmpireAvenue is that you can create specific cause-related missions and bring new eyes and ears to your brand.

For example, as a Media Agency our goal is to promote the products and services of our clients. For startups and new-entries this poses a challenge as well as a welcome opportunity. To promote a product, we create a blog or link to a Facebook Page that speaks to the consumer and educates them about the value of the business.

Creating a mission and asking the global community to visit and read about the brand is a great way to leverage new attention. Most businesses and entrepreneurs have limited networks that are attached to their specific trade and may pigeonhole themselves to only think ‘inside-the-box,’ losing valuable reach and brand attention because of lack of diversity.

EmpireAvenue solves this problem by taking the most actively social people on a global scale and gives them the opportunity to share your value proposition with their personal networks.

Such sharing creates a massive influx of new brand attention and can be used to promote any project; in many cases we find that using EmpireAvenue connects not only individual eyes, but also the business community on the lookout for hot new products, trendy investment opportunities, and exciting things to share for their personal profiles.


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Alexei Alankin

Author: Alexei Alankin

Innovation Activist & Founder of Eventige Media Group. I'd love to connect with you on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.

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