Marketing Notions to Improve the Presentation of Products and Services

Marketing Notions
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Marketing Notion 1: People need a leader

Your Consumers need to know more about your business’ products and services. When they are educated, your customers will react, and you’ll see your profit soar. Think through your own experience as a consumer. When you are in the market to buy any item or  hire a service: Whether its for you, the house, for your family, a gift, or for the business, you likely don’t know as much as you would need to know. If you have doubts or lingering questions about a product, you will be less likely purchase it.

Yet, when a company or salesman patiently takes the time and creativity to accurately educate you about all their products in the field you need to make a purchase in, they gain your trust and approval instantly. The reaction you develop to being educated is not an unusual you’re your reaction is commonly seen because education is a powerful marketing technique. Educate your prospective consumer about everything, including the negative and less desirable instances of your product line or service offerings, and you’ll sell to almost double the amount people as you sell to now. You will gain a dramatic advantage over your competitors with the concept of education.


Marketing Notion 2: Tell people what specific action to take

Few businesses realize that they must call their customers to action. Businesses must also develop a compelling marketing plan. People need to be explicitly told how to act to get their hands on your products and services. In turn, this is incredibly important in almost every sales call, company literature, commercials or personal contact should make a great impression on behalf of your product. Give the prospects brief educational backgrounds, then lead them by the hand and tell them what specific action to take next. If you offer impulse sales items or limited time offers, then tell your prospect to get in touch with you sooner rather than later. If your transactions are online, direct them to click your link and fill out an order form.


Marketing Notion 3: Marketing = Financial Leverage.

When you run an ad, it costs you a certain amount of money. Whether the advertisement generates 5, 10 or 10,000 leads or sales, the cost of the advertisement stays the same. As a result, if you are satisfied with the generation of 1 sale from an ad that costs you $100, and we can show you how to generate 10 to 100 sales from the same ad space, your leverage improves by a substantially. Now ask yourself, “Can I get an ad to produce a greater yield for the same amount of money?” The answer is clearly Yes! All you need to do is test the variety of headlines, bodies, themes, proposals, and offers to measure their metrics. Then you should complete a very thorough analysis of the results that each advertisement run generates. This is something that very few sellers will ever find the time to do. You will know, instantaneously, which offers produce more sales, profits, and attract customers.


Marketing Notion 4: Advertising = Salesmanship.

As obvious as it should be, most people don’t really understands this fundamental concept. Advertising via radio, TV, magazine, email, and direct mail should all be constructed and implemented in the same personable way a salesman pitches a product to a prospective customer. Each advertisement should aim to create a totally compelling and thorough presence for the product. The advertisement main objective is to promote your product to the prospective buyer in an educational, informative, and factually supportive manner. Your advertising should foster visions of a well-rounded product in the minds of your customers.

So don’t let your advertising fall into the same expensive and unproductive loops.

Please Share your good and bad experiences about market penetration with your products and services.


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