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Title That Says Agency of Future

If we think back to our elementary school science lessons, we will recall the cause and effect relationship of the water cycle. Some of us may have preferred playing in the rain at recess instead of actually learning about it, but we still realize clouds play an important role in this relationship.

In contemporary times, we’ve managed to tap into a different cloud, but one that is still involved in a powerful cause and effect relationship. In a reflection of the changing times, Eventige Media Group has taken the step to operate in a completely cloud-based infrastructure; allowing our agency to tap into global talent pools, project management systems, and provide a company culture that gives freedom to work and innovate anywhere, anytime. While operating in the virtual world has been extremely advantageous for our internal teams, this mode of operation has also created some extremely powerful outcomes for our clients, vendors, and partners.

Accessing Global Talent

Working through VPNs and remote desktop environments is nothing new to the industry but what has changed, is how we interact across global borders of talent acquisition. Global talent doesn’t stop at one country or city; in fact it stretches borders to involve and include people from every nation to combine their passions, talents, and ability to deliver unique subsets of localized marketing knowledge.

Maybe it’s also about connecting personally; while allowing for working freedoms to bring a perspective from all touch-points in the world. We definitely thought so and created a fully global talent roster that scales up and down in direct response to our clients’ needs. We created what was needed to be productive.


Collaboration In The Cloud

We also don’t operate in a typical office space, so this means we don’t have the typical office costs that are associated with having a physical location. In essence, we took away all constraints and the teams gave back the most rewarding gift an agency or client could ever ask for – appreciation for the way that works for them to work the best for us.

Optimizing the Transparency Factor

We use tools such as Basecamp, Slack,  and FreshBooks to track our work, collaborate on ideas, and ensure that projects include insight as well as grow dynamically.We eliminated the guessing game of having to wait until the final product is unveiled; we actually show you in real-time what is taking place with your marketing investments. Transparency is key to adding gasoline or putting on the brakes in a way that actually steers productivity of genuine fashion. Let’s speak and meet in the cloud!

We absolutely love the way our clients connect with us in real time; it’s simple and it’s powerful. Every step of our journey is geared at providing better value for our clients. Reach out and give us a shout; we’ll show you what we mean in real-time and you will never go back to working the old way ever again.

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