Co-Brand Your Way Into Success

Recently, two seemingly unlikely business leaders from different industries united to form a phenomenal partnership. Starbucks and Spotify established a multi-year relationship that links its “7,000 company-operated stores in the U.S. and 10 Million My Starbucks Rewards® loyalty members with Spotify’s more than 60 Million global users to offer a first-of-its-kind music ecosystem”. Talk about a strategic partnership.

There are many advantages associated with Business-to-Business partnerships (B2B) such as the enhancement of your value proposition and access to an extended customer base. In particular, co-branding has become a major phenomenon in the business world today and companies across various industries are partnering for success. If executed correctly, B2B partnerships can help increase your sales and revenue while giving you additional exposure.

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Event Marketing ROI: Capturing The Flag

Event marketing is a great way to generate buzz about your particular products or services, and garner leads by attracting potential customers. Live events can be a very powerful tool in allowing you to interact and connect with your audience. The question, however, lays in figuring out how to translate these touch points into qualified leads and increase the ROI (Return On Investment) for these events.

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Get the Most Bing for your Buck

Star Wars has The Force. A princess has a prince. The mythological world has Zeus. And the online sphere has the Bing network.

Every story needs a hero, and the Bing network has seamlessly shifted into the role that appears to have been tailor-made for it. Combining the latest search technology with sophisticated levels of personalization, Bing has played a lead role for many years. Recently, the brilliant minds behind the platform have brought search to an even higher level, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

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Cut the Clutter and Boost Your CRO

As wide-eyed children we all remember our parents telling us to quiet down, cut the clutter or stop acting like a child. These familiar phrases were meant to benefit not only us, but also everyone around us. It’s funny to think that as we grew up and became adults, we tend to still repeat some of these same behaviors over and over, though (hopefully) on a different level.

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To Be, Or Not To Be Ready for Change?

David and Goliath.
The Wicked Witch and Snow White.
Love and Fear.
To err is human, to forgive divine.

Alexander Pope

Every epic story creates an unforgettable antithesis that builds a powerful opposition or contrast to the centrality of the narrative. Without the antithesis, there is minimal conflict, which leaves very little reason for the story to be told.

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How Starbucks Makes Relationships Central to Content

When it comes to coffee, the first name that comes to mind is Starbucks. The company has diehard fans and supporters. One of the reasons for this is the brand has been successful in forging personalized relationships with its customers and suppliers. It makes each customer feel special and this has won it fan-following throughout the world and not just in the U.S. The brand strives hard to make relationships central to content by forming partnering with consumers, vendors and suppliers. One can say this is the secret behind its success.

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What Only Insiders Know About E-Commerce Sales

Doing e-commerce online is different from the sales dynamics seen in brick-and-mortar locations.

Stores provide an overwhelming sensory experience to customers as soon as they walk inside, with a variety of colors, scents, and product options.

Some stores have a complex layout, while others are minimalistic; in either case, you need to determine how you will convert the sale. Oh, and that conversion point is usually a long line at the counter – something that is not going to work for customers that are used to the convenience of shopping online.

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Emojis – A New Way of Marketing

This year is the year of the emoji. These tiny images of faces, animals, and everyday objects have begun taking over text messages and social media posts and have quickly spread to brand marketing. Emojis are the newest trend in communication and are widely used by mobile and social media users, the majority being under the age of 30. However, these symbols are not just for fun – their power can be harnessed to create engaging and clever marketing campaigns.

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How to Promote your Brand with Social Media Brand Ambassadors

In the ever-changing world of marketing, brand ambassadors are the people who represent and promote brands via their social networking activities and other online endeavors. These individuals usually have an appeal all of their own and thus, having them affirm the validity of brand images allows companies to capitalize on the good names that they have already built for themselves.  With the right strategies, companies and ambassadors can reap the rewards of long-lasting, symbiotic relationships.

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How to Get Connected With the Crowd Using Event Apps

Technology connects people in ways that yesterday’s marketers could only dream of. Today’s audiences are engaged by mobile applications that turn events into multimedia galas complete with interactivity, gamification, and networking. With the help of smartphones, tablets, and computers, marketers have the power to conduct surveys and examine analytics to find out how successful their event has been. This way, they can refine their events marketing to really drive profits home. If they think smart, they can often achieve a viral campaign that fills every chair.

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