Are QR Codes Still Relevant?

QR Codes have received a bad rap in recent times and rightly so. Lack of visual appeal, poorly-considered marketing campaigns and a tendency to put QR Codes in the unlikeliest places has resulted in negativity from users. However, with foresight and ingenuity, QR Codes could prove to be a highly successful aspect of an overall marketing strategy. There are three important considerations if you are going to drum up business using QR Codes.

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Turkish Airlines Increasing Brand Awareness Through Selfies

A brand says everything about you. It speaks about who you are and how much you have achieved. That’s why companies are always searching for innovative ways to imprint their brand in the minds of prospective customers around the world.

Turkish Airlines recently reached an achievement in their quest to increase their brand awareness across the world. Their goal was to bring attention to their brand among a larger audience, including anyone with a desire to travel, as well as make traveling the world more accessible by flying to nearly 200 international destinations.

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How AirBnB Became the Largest Hotel Chain

When Warren Buffet recommends a company, you know it’s reached the pinnacle of success. Warren Buffet suggested that shareholders attending a conference in Omaha use AirBnB as a less expensive hotel alternative. AirBnB didn’t obtain this level of endorsement overnight. Like all successful companies, it used excellent timing, product development and focus on becoming the phenomenon it is today.

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Nike’s Marketing Approach with Sustainability Efforts

Globalization has led to many manufacturers focusing on increasing their revenues and profitability. However, there are a few global organizations like Nike that believe without sustainability efforts no business can grow and become successful. In fact, Nike has gone on record to say sustainability is one of the key components of success and no forward-thinking company can survive without sustainability efforts.

These beliefs have guided Nike from its inception until today. It takes CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) very seriously and is continually striving to reduce the negative impact its manufacturing practices have on the environment.

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How Does Google Stay So Innovative as a Brand?

In a mere 16 years, Google has gone from a one-product company to a company that has more projects than it can count. It has been constantly reinventing itself and has stayed innovative at every turn, which has been one of the key factors for growing its brand. But how has Google managed to stay on top of the competition and continually churn out new and exciting products?

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Building Awareness in the Digital Age

Marketing in the digital age is significantly different than what people were doing even a decade ago. Digital marketing is proactive. It’s necessary to monitor multiple channels so that engagement with clients and prospects is never missed. Companies that try to ignore social feedback end up paying a heavy price. Customers have learned that their voices matter. Therefore, savvy companies are doing their best to capture the enthusiasm their customers have for their products so they can channel it into advocacy. Poor brands are suffering from the effects of negative social media marketing done on behalf of people who are upset by their brands. Building awareness requires dealing with negativity efficiently, while encouraging positivity, through consistent marketing.

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How Dropbox is Marketing Their Brand

Dropbox is a very simple brand; when it comes to folder syncing you enjoy the privilege of simplicity. Did you know that the company has spent very little on marketing, yet it has become worth $4 Billion? You may want to know what has made their business so successful. Below are some of the techniques that the cloud storage company has used to be at the top of the game.

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Social Media: Cutting Through The Noise

Social media has become the new face of advertising. With everyone from major corporations to small, home businesses joining the social media marketing frenzy, how can one business stand out from the crowd? According to the article, 10 Laws of Social Media Marketing, in Entrepreneur online by Susan Gunelius, “building relationships is one of the most important parts of social media marketing success”. The goal of any type of marketing is to attract and retain customers – one of the most important aspects of attaining this goal is to build a true and honest relationship with your potential customers.

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The Future of Marketing in the Electronic Cigarette Industry

Eventige Sponsors SFATA Conference

The warm May weather brings everyone across the USA together. Friends and family gather to exchange positivity and hope for the future. Some of these families are related by lineage, while others are related by an important cause that has affected over 100 million lives over the past 100 years. This great family consists of all the members of SFATA. The SFATA members’ community is a group of responsible business owners who appreciate the value of good corporate citizenship for the vaping industry. Researchers worldwide have agreed that vaping and other smoke free alternatives could eliminate the public health hazards caused by use of combustible tobacco cigarettes, which is why SFATA plays an important role for the benefit of society as a whole.

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Social Media Marketing Etiquette: Avoiding Customer Confusion

During the last decade social media became an increasingly powerful tool for branding and marketing. The networks provide ready made audiences for the brand’s message, and the cost of utilizing social media for a campaign is very low. The ease of entry into social media marketing causes many business owners to believe that they can jump right into a campaign and have immediate success, but they fail to understand the complexity of social media and the amount of research and preparation that must go into social media marketing. When starting out in social media there are five pitfalls business owners must avoid.

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