Using Native Ads to Create a Win-Win Environment

Over time, consumers have become weary of banner and traditional display advertising. With research showing that native ads are viewed 53% more often than display ads, it is worth considering native advertising as part of a long-term marketing strategy to promote brand awareness.

The New York Times is a classic case study which demonstrates the potential for native advertising. In 2014, it introduced its first native ad for Dell computers. By August 2015, they plan to set up a London unit which would focus specifically on creating native ads for an international market. Clearly, native advertising has proved to be a win-win for The New York Times and its advertising clients.

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Warby Parker Focus on Brand and Execution Leads to Success

In 2010 when Warby Parker opened their e-commerce eyewear store, few would have predicted the major disruption it would cause to this highly monopolistic industry with its $16 million annual turnover. An inspiration for startups everywhere, the company was featured in GQ and Vogue magazines at the time of launch. Within three months, Warby Parker had run out of its initial inventory. As with all success stories, hard work, planning and innovation have been key factors. Warby Parker’s clear focus on brand and execution sets an example for all new startups.

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How Rosetta Stone used Mobile Marketing to Increase Site Traffic

With millennials spending more time online and feeling connected, sharing and viewing videos, companies have to turn towards mobile marketing as a way to connect with this section of the population. Rosetta Stone decided to use YouTube as a medium to connect with its target audience and boost its brand online. This led to the birth of Boring Bill and a campaign that shows the target audience how Rosetta Stone has been instrumental in changing the lives of its customers. This campaign was hailed as being innovative and creative by online marketing gurus as it achieved what it was meant to.

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Marketing Survey Insight

Just this year, we went ahead to survey 200 professionals from the top performing multi-national organizations to gather information about the marketing trends for the annual plans. We were interested to find out where the budgets are going to be allocated, and what tactics are working best for these organizations. Let’s take a look at the results so you can figure out what direction you will move in to remain competitive and up to pace with the trends.

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Are QR Codes Still Relevant?

QR Codes have received a bad rap in recent times and rightly so. Lack of visual appeal, poorly-considered marketing campaigns and a tendency to put QR Codes in the unlikeliest places has resulted in negativity from users. However, with foresight and ingenuity, QR Codes could prove to be a highly successful aspect of an overall marketing strategy. There are three important considerations if you are going to drum up business using QR Codes.

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Turkish Airlines Increasing Brand Awareness Through Selfies

A brand says everything about you. It speaks about who you are and how much you have achieved. That’s why companies are always searching for innovative ways to imprint their brand in the minds of prospective customers around the world.

Turkish Airlines recently reached an achievement in their quest to increase their brand awareness across the world. Their goal was to bring attention to their brand among a larger audience, including anyone with a desire to travel, as well as make traveling the world more accessible by flying to nearly 200 international destinations.

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How AirBnB Became the Largest Hotel Chain

When Warren Buffet recommends a company, you know it’s reached the pinnacle of success. Warren Buffet suggested that shareholders attending a conference in Omaha use AirBnB as a less expensive hotel alternative. AirBnB didn’t obtain this level of endorsement overnight. Like all successful companies, it used excellent timing, product development and focus on becoming the phenomenon it is today.

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19 SEO Strategies for Ecommerce Power Brands

Whether your ecommerce business has a physical store or not, one of the best long-term strategies is with search engine optimization (SEO). With the right approach, you’ll make consistent sales and rise above your competition.

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Nike’s Marketing Approach with Sustainability Efforts

Globalization has led to many manufacturers focusing on increasing their revenues and profitability. However, there are a few global organizations like Nike that believe without sustainability efforts no business can grow and become successful. In fact, Nike has gone on record to say sustainability is one of the key components of success and no forward-thinking company can survive without sustainability efforts.

These beliefs have guided Nike from its inception until today. It takes CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) very seriously and is continually striving to reduce the negative impact its manufacturing practices have on the environment.

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How Does Google Stay So Innovative as a Brand?

In a mere 16 years, Google has gone from a one-product company to a company that has more projects than it can count. It has been constantly reinventing itself and has stayed innovative at every turn, which has been one of the key factors for growing its brand. But how has Google managed to stay on top of the competition and continually churn out new and exciting products?

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