Tips to Create Landing Pages that Convert

The Importance of a Landing Page

If you expect to maximize your conversions and ultimately your sales, it’s important to have a great landing page. Without one, many would be customers will simply skip over it and end up taking their business elsewhere. With this in mind, let’s go over what constitutes a great landing page and discuss what actions you can take to get more conversions.

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How We Foster Creativity

Importance of Creative Innovation

As a marketing agency, Eventige understands that the most important part of long-term success is fostering employee innovation and individual creativity. Eventige Marketing Group aims to have each employee become a self-starter who works as part of a team because our marketing company is all about collective creativity and forward thinking.

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Multisensory Experiential Marketing

Recent decades have seen a move away from a focus on mass marketing toward an increase in relationship and micro marketing, including experiential and event marketing.  However, the new paradigm shift is a result of the emergence of multisensory and other forms of neuromarketing, which differ from their predecessors in that their focus is the five human senses and the way these are processed in the brains of individuals.

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