Keeping Your Brand Afloat

The Newest, Coolest and Greenest Branding Vehicles

Photo Sails are the highest quality imaged sailboat sails in history. Patented in 2003 (US Patent # 6,886,483) with additional international patents, Photo Sails provides quality impressions in places that advertising never existed before. Being the only advertisement on the visible horizon is extremely effective, unavoidable, and unforgettable. Photo Sails are photo-realistic images on sailboat sails, which target near shore events, attain high-quality impressions for clients that need unique OOH branding efforts, and offer the largest mobile signage in any waterside marketplace.

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Breaking Through the Noise

David Flagg and Phillip Schuessler founded ProVape, a company dedicated to producing the highest quality vaping products. ProVape brought Eventige Media Group on as AOR and we have been collaborating ever since.

Over the years ProVape has seen tremendous growth and has been promoted across a variety of platforms throughout the vaping world. ProVape and Eventige Media Group were featured in Vape Magazine in an article entitled Crowd Chasers: Marketing Pros Help ProVape ProVari to #1.

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NY International Auto Show

Everywhere you look you see glistening tire shine, wax polished exteriors and badges of Nissan, BMW, Acura, and Mercedes-Benz. The NY International Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Center is upon us, as we walk proudly on the trade show floor with badges around our necks. Eventige Media Group has landed at the Convention Center to deploy the latest in Social Media Photo Sharing for the public to see.

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Increase Your Online Presence by Repurposing Content

Repurpose Content for Marketing

If you’re like most marketers, your goal is to reach the largest percentage of your demographic as possible. Doing so gives you the best chance of generating leads, making conversions and hopefully establishing long-term relationships. Although there are numerous ways to accomplish this, perhaps one of the best is by repurposing content. Basically, this term refers to the process of taking a piece of content from one platform, reworking it and reusing it on an entirely new platform. Let’s now discuss this process in greater detail and the benefits it can have for your marketing campaign.

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Pinterest Statistics to Optimize Your Campaign

There’s really no doubt at this point that Pinterest is here to stay. While it has a long way to go before it parallels the impact of Facebook and Twitter, more and more businesses are using it as a viable marketing channel. Some recent statistics have provided marketers with some in depth insights into the current state of Pinterest and how to use it more effectively. Here are some of the key takeaways that you can put to use when running your campaign.

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Using Google Trends to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Expose With Google Trends

One way to bring quick exposure to your site is to capitalize on what’s hot at the moment and create content around that topic. While this tactic doesn’t have the ability to consistently bring in traffic like an evergreen article, it can give you a serious boost for a few days. There are also potential long-term implications because many visitors will often end up returning to check out other content on your site. Perhaps the most powerful tool for deciding what to base your content around is Google Trends. Here is how the process works and why it can be so advantageous.

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Marketing Your Business with Promoted Tweets and Trends

Twitter Options

Due to the fact that Twitter is the second leading social media site with over 500 million users as of mid 2012, it’s a valuable marketing resource. In fact, it’s an ideal tool for building brand equity and establishing a long-term presence within a company’s niche. While there are several ways to use Twitter for marketing, running a Promoted Tweets and/or Promoted Trends campaign is something that you may want to look into. Here is how they work and the benefits they provide for your business.

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Tips to Create Landing Pages that Convert

The Importance of a Landing Page

If you expect to maximize your conversions and ultimately your sales, it’s important to have a great landing page. Without one, many would be customers will simply skip over it and end up taking their business elsewhere. With this in mind, let’s go over what constitutes a great landing page and discuss what actions you can take to get more conversions.

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How We Foster Creativity

Importance of Creative Innovation

As a marketing agency, Eventige understands that the most important part of long-term success is fostering employee innovation and individual creativity. Eventige Marketing Group aims to have each employee become a self-starter who works as part of a team because our marketing company is all about collective creativity and forward thinking.

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Multisensory Experiential Marketing

Recent decades have seen a move away from a focus on mass marketing toward an increase in relationship and micro marketing, including experiential and event marketing.  However, the new paradigm shift is a result of the emergence of multisensory and other forms of neuromarketing, which differ from their predecessors in that their focus is the five human senses and the way these are processed in the brains of individuals.

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