Sometimes when life gives you a free donut, you just need to brag to everyone else by taking photos and sharing them.

national donut day

The Yummy Opportunity

Entenmann’s was looking to launch “National Donut Day” in New York City’s Madison Square Park to increase brand awareness, sample free donuts and generate Press and PR.

A secondary goal was to find a way to provide key insights on the demographics of those brand interactions.

The Say Cheese Approach

Eventige developed an event concept that provided consumers with a social engagement platform. Throughout National Donut Day consumers were sharing their experience via digital experiential photo sharing systems.


photo booth unit

More Than Just a Pretty Face

These systems provide valuable data on demographics as well as viral reach. The platforms utilized an automatic opt-in function, allowing Entenmann’s brand to generate new Likes for Facebook and new Followers for Twitter, as well as strategic data acquisition that told the story of their fans and their social behavior.

The combination of organic engagement and digital integration provided content development, fan-gated lead generation and valuable experience-driven metrics.


Social Streaming

Entenmann’s expanded their reach globally, as photo sharing streamed live from the event. Consumers engaged with the brand throughout “National Donut Day,” sharing their positive experiences growing up with Entenmann’s, all while spreading that message via live streaming digital media.

So after reading all of this, we bet you’re craving an Entenmann’s donut right now!