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Emmis New York, in partnership with Eventige, launches Summer Jam XX at MetLife Stadium. Eventige was sourced to provide on-premise consulting, event marketing services, as well as social media and digital experiential extensions to the live concert summer series. Eventige was involved not only as a production partner but also as a sponsorship partner, bringing in client Logic Technologies as a headline brand for the concert series. Eventige also provided branding, design, lead generation, as well as gamification to the concert series; live-streaming social media content directly to the Jumbo Tron screens at the stadium.
Ice Sculpture By E&J
Crowd Taking Photos At Hot97 Summer Jam
Concert At Hot 97 Summer Jam
Hot 97 Logo
Fans At Hot 97 Concert
Press At The Hot 97 Summer Jam
Crowd At MetLife Stadium for Hot 97 Concert

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