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Tasty Vapor partners with Eventige Media Group to pilot new brand marketing, and drive the key messaging of the CPG products to vapers globally. From branding and product development, to event marketing and back-end infrastructure, the collaboration focused on a holistic demand generation strategy to grow the brand products both online and offline. BigCommerce-powered Stores for both Retail, as well as Wholesale, produced a consistent conversion rate of up to 14% on traffic. Print media, radio advertising, as well as point-of-sale merchandising were also layered into the marketing program for a completely turnkey support system for the brand. Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and E-Mail Automation continue to drive the brand growth daily.
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We worked with the Eventige Team on a migration of both our Retail and Wholesale Websites to BigCommerce, as well as support in SEO, Social Media, and E-Mail Marketing Automation. The team worked to not only carry over our legacy systems, but also helped consult on marketing programs, 3rd party apps, and their designer Marissa created a beautiful trade show booth display, product packaging, as well as Print Materials for our brand.

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